Strategic Consultancy

Competence is an advisor that offers 360 degree consultancy on communication for its clients.
Our logo is a circle with an arrow because we endeavor to always give them a direction, in terms of strategy, but we also support them operatively – every day- in communicating their products/services in the best way possible or improving their corporate image.
We carefully plan integrated communication using various tools and levels (on and offline) and we pay close attention to the measuring of results as an evaluation of our work and the growth of our reputation.
Our strategic approach can be articulated in a process that hinges on all of the corporate and marketing communication projects that we work on.

The methodology that we’ve prepared has four phases:

1. Analysis & Listening of the online conversations, which can translate into competitive analyses, crisis alerts or in a mapping of the influencers.

2. Strategy & Creativity in which the core-concepts, key messages, vulnerabilities and alliances are defined

3. Action & Planning to create and manage a communication plan with defined roles and timings.

4. Monitoring & Evaluation to measure the impact on brand awareness and reputation.