Web Intelligence & Reputation Management

Competence is partner of IED for the Specialization Course in Brand Reputation and Digital PR: the scientific coordination of the course is entrusted to the CEO of the agency Lorenzo Brufani. Download the brochure here

The activity of consultancy always takes off from «Listening», from the study of the reputation online, increasingly more relevant for the business.
Thanks to the use of our semantic web platform, Competence is able to monitor conversations about the brand, about the main competitors and the relevant market, analyzing the social media channels, the blogosphere, forums and news sites.
These analyses allow for the identification of:
  • the brand reputation of the key players
  • the relevant keywords in main SEO and SEM;
  • the level and quality of conversations on key themes or on new campaigns;
  • threats/opportunities and possible alliances with other businesses/associations
Last but not least, it allows for the identification of online influencers, the mapping or ‘weighing’ of opinion leaders (in terms of followers or traffic), bloggers, journalists and associations. In turn, this permits an evaluation of their potential online/offline engagement for communication/business activities, classifying them as “allies/hostiles”.